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Each referee will have a complete understanding of the CCA Basketball Officiating Manual/Women’s Crew of 3 and MAGBO 2 person crew for Girls' High School Basketball in New York State.

The Referee’s day-to-day professional and personal qualities will demonstrate: an expert knowledge of the game/NCAA Rules and Major Areas of Concern; a genuine e concern and respect for officiating partners; an endless pursuit of self-improvement.

The Referee must:

(1) Have a complete understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game.

(2) Be a highly effective play caller in her/his primary, dual and secondary coverage areas throughout the course of the game. Maintain a high accuracy in play calling.

(3) Be a proactive official.

(4) Possess the ability to manage players and coaches by being an effective communicator, using appropriate measures to maintain respect for the game.

(5) Communicate and lead her/his co-officials.

(6) Diligently and professionally prepare for each crew so that all coordination and game preparations result in a game-ready crew.

(A) Coordinate travel plans.

(B) Mentoring less experienced officials during pre-game meetings.

  • Model the professionalism and skills of NCAA Officiating
  • Be a trainer/teacher/coach. You must be capable of observing and clearly communicating both strengths and weaknesses
  • Have a style of innovating by example and by creating a vision for success
  • Encouraging your partners. Believe in the system and the abilities of your partners.
  • Have a plan and prepare for each game.
  • Serve the role, but in no way consider yourself and evaluator.

The evaluation process is the responsibility of the Coordinator of Officials and the League Office.

(C) Use every resource including video, NCAA bulletins and interpretations and specific rule questions for each pre-game meeting.

(7) Conduct a thorough pre-game discussion.

(8) Be a consistent leader that others will readily follow.

(9) Demonstrate a strong work ethic that is driven by a passion for the game and he in increased productivity of your partners.

(10) Have a total respect for her/his partners while taking responsibility for the entire crew’s effectiveness.

(11) Be in total compliance with administrative demands. Reports will be thorough, concise, accurate and prompt. Responses to emails, texts, telephone calls and other forms of communication must be prompt.