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Over the years, various officials have attended Mecca Network of Officiating Developmental Camp, officials have gone on and received contracts from various College Conferences. (Division I, II, or III) Most of them, if not all of them have worked playoffs games and six (6) have worked the Division II and Division III NCAA Tournament, Three (3) have work the Women's National Invitation Tournament (WNIT) and sixteen (16) are currently working Division I Women's Basketball.

The following officials are:

Carlos Alvarez (Div. I), Randall Amey (Div. I, work NCAA Div. II Championship), Stephanie Barksdale (Div. I), Shanade Bernard (Div. II & III), Kim Blair (former Div. III), Joe Bridges (Div. III), Hassan Brown (Div. I), Rollie Buchanan (Div. II & Div. III), Landy Butler (Div. III), Mickeni Caldwell (Div. I & Div. II), Demez Carrington (Div. II), Jeffery Carter (Div. II & Div. III), Susan Christian ( former Div. III), Billy Crandall (former Div. III), Meghan Dallmann (Div. I, Div. II & Div. III), Pat Deforte (former Div. I), Chris DiSanto (Div. II), Reggie Fowler (Div. I), Sylvia Ganaway (Div. III), Gerda Gatling (Div. II & III), Donovan Glover (Div. III), Jim Grillo (former Div. III), Angela Halasy (former Div. I), Belinda Barnes-Jackson (former Div. I), Kenneth Johnson (former Div. II & III), Bryan Jones (Div. II & III), Kristin Kenny (Div. II & Div. III), Michelle Liu (Div. III), Cynthia Maisonet (Jr. College & Div.III), Marcia Marco (Div. II & III),Terrance McBeth (Div. II & Div. III), Michael Mei (Div. I), Willie Mitchell (Div. III), John Morgan (Div. II & Div. III), Bernard Myers (Div. I, work NCAA Div. II & II Championship), Lauren Niemiera (Div. I & II), Nina Norman (Div II), Ashley Olsen (Div. II), Irv Petersen (former Div. II & Div. III), Anthony Price (Div. I), John Reed (Div. III), Kelsey Reynolds (Div. I & II), Jose Rodriguez (Div. I), Carl Smalls (Div. II & Div. III), Sharon Smith (NY State Finals), Yesenia Tamayo (Div. III), Charles Ungar (Div. III), Keith Williams (Div. III), Ralph Williams (former Div. II & Div III, work NCAA Div. II and III Championship), Ryan Woerner (Div. III), Richard Wright (Div. I, work NCAA Div. II and III Championship), Desta Zabolotney (Div. II & Div. III)